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What is WBS?


As the core of FBC Women's Ministry, the purpose of Women’s Bible Study is to help women transform into maturing Christ followers.  We believe that an essential component of spiritual growth is reading and studying the Bible, God's Word.  There is something special when we experience God’s transforming power in the company of believers so we meet to study together, encourage and pray for one another. 

Please don't let the words "Bible Study" intimidate you!  Women come together from all levels of faith and familiarity of the Bible.  If you are new, know that you are welcome; come as you are to observe and participate at your comfort level.

Every year, we offer two sessions: Spring and Fall.  Spring always ends before Easter, and Fall always ends before Thanksgiving.  Start dates vary according to the length of the curriculum.  Write to us and get on our email list to receive updates on future studies.  You may also click "Log In" at the top to subscribe to this website.

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